Study Easy was created for the simple purpose of giving students the power and ability to freely sell and buy textbooks to and from one another. It gives students the platform to create their institution-specific marketplace. It is about creating a community of collaboration and assisting one another.

This platform was built from a position of frustration by the creator, Nehemiah Sikhosana. This was due to not being able to afford new textbooks coupled with the fact that he found himself in a new school with no way of connecting with people who could sell him secondhand textbooks. The posters that he saw up were few and when contacted those people, he found their textbooks were already sold, all of them. With the desire for convenience and the desire to find a way to easily find sellers as a buyer, the idea of study easy came about.

With very little website building knowledge - all of which he learned with no formal training - Youtube tutorials, articles, and forums became his best and only resources for 10 months during the building of this platform.

This platform is free to use. Please tell your friends and strangers about it. It is much easier when students can easily form and control their marketplace.

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